What is the MSFA?
The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority was created by the Legislature in 2012 to build and operate a state of the art venue for professional, college and youth football, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey games; concerts, trade shows, corporate events and a broad range of other civic, community, athletic, educational, cultural and commercial activities.

When does the MSFA board meet?
CLICK HERE to view the complete MSFA board schedule.

How do I get to U.S. Bank Stadium?
Attending an event at U.S. Bank Stadium is an exciting urban experience. The venue is located on Chicago Avenue South, in the East Town Community near Elliot Park. To fully enjoy your event experience, arrive early and consider the various transportation and parking options available.

To view your options for transportation and parking, CLICK HERE.

What can I bring into U.S. Bank Stadium?
To view a complete list of what you can and cannot bring into U.S. Bank Stadium, CLICK HERE.

Where can I find information about U.S. Bank Stadium Tour program?
To learn more about stadium tours, CLICK HERE.


Where can I find information about upcoming concerts?
Visit USBankStadium.com for information about upcoming concerts and shows.

Where can I find information about Vikings Tickets?
Visit vikings.com/tickets/ for Vikings ticketing information.

Are animals allowed in U.S. Bank Stadium?
Certified service animals and service animals-in-training are welcome within U.S. Bank Stadium. All other animals are prohibited apart from specifically approved events.

Are cameras allowed in U.S. Bank Stadium?
Guests are welcome to use still cameras for personal use at U.S. Bank Stadium. Tripods, mono pods, “selfie sticks” and cameras with a lens longer than 6” (detachable or non-detachable) will NOT be permitted into the stadium. Video cameras and video recording of events with other devices at U.S. Bank Stadium are prohibited.

Can you host corporate events at U.S. Bank Stadium?
U.S. Bank Stadium is a multi-purpose venue suited to host a large variety of events including corporate meetings and events, trade shows, consumer shows, conventions, holiday parties, etc. on non-game days. For more information, please contact sales@usbankstadium.com or call 612-777-8732.